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Kuhn Rikon 2239 Safety can opener

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Code: KR2239

With the revolutionary self-attaching design of the Auto Safety Lid Lifter, you are now able to open cans in a clean, safe and fun way.

With this handy kitchen gadget you can take the strain out of opening cans. All you need to do is place the opener on the can and begin turning the comfortable knob. The ingenious tool automatically locks in place and the stainless steel mechanism cuts from the side leaving a completely smooth rim, not sharp or jagged. The tiny, strong jaws on the side of the opener remove the lid. Press down on the white button to close the jaws on the lid and when you are ready to drop the lid into the bin or recycling container, just release the button. So you donít touch the food, the food doesnít touch the opener and thereís no danger of contamination. You donít even need to wash it after use as it never comes into contact with the food inside the can Ė you could go from opening dog food straight to a can of tuna.

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